Budapest Castle + inner city:

Walking in the Castle of Budapest:

Many programs in the Castle:

Walking tour in the innercity of Budapest, caffes, shopping, sigthseeing

A Miratia city treasure hunting game in Budapest (60-90 minutes scavenger hunt):

Visiting the basil of Budapest: Hungarian State Opera tour:

Hungarian parliament (the three parliaments standing on the same square): Home – Visitors – Országgyűlés (

A daily interactive family program (close to our home):

Szentendre, Skanzen – centuries of architecture of “large” Hungary including a bit of Transylvanian architecture style:

Lunch inside Skanzen

Many interactive programs inside, old train travel etc. first-hand experiences from the centuries of Hungary’s existance Walking, programs, museums in Szentendre:

Close to the water in Budapest:

Floating bus tour:

Margaret Island:

Try other boat programs too:

Organ concert in the Basil of Budapest (each Thursday evening):

A full day program in old city towns and nature – Danube curve:

A full daily tour with beatiful places, lunch, small-train, lunch and ferry

Small-train drive in the forest with sightseeing tours in Vác + Verőce, lunch in the forest:

Starting in Vác: lots of interesting destinations, churches, museums:

Vác museum:

Verőce coast of Danube with a cute bakery (look around on the panorama here):,+12+29,+2621/@47.8221829,19.0343535,19z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m6!3m5!1s0x476a813dc0fb6523:0xc692ff08b0609f5e!8m2!3d47.8221829!4d19.0349972!16s%2Fg%2F11f5vr8_fj?entry=ttu

Lunch in a cosy place in the forest:

Small-train tour up and down in the forest: Ferry from Nagymaros to Visegrád (beautiful view, great experience):

Two busy days in Budapest city park with an architectural orientation

In Budapest the largest green park is called Városliget. It was originally planned to be a center of culture and hospitality in Budapest, so there are many things to watch:

Hősök Tere: Heroes’ Square (

Museums around:

Szépművészeti múzeum: Homepage – Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest (

Műcsarnok (Modern Arts and Interactive Programs): Kunsthalle :: Kunsthalle (

An “artificial” castle that never had people living in, but shows all architectural motives on the past centuries: Home (

The presentation of Romanian, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architectural cultures in one place.

Budapest Liget (green park) visitor center with amazing architecture: Liget Budapest Látogatóközpont

House of Music Hungary – with musical interactive playground around it: Magyar Zene Háza (

In 2019, the building won the Best Public Building in Europe and the Best International Public Building awards, and in 2020 it won the title of „world’s best real estate development for music purposes” at the American Music Cities Awards.

Seeing Budapest from a bird’s eye view: Home – BalloonFly

Unforgettable program for every age groups.

Budapest Zoo: Zoo in the heart of Budapest (

The largest Zoo in Hungary with great architecture and programs for children.

Széchenyi fürdő: Széchenyi Thermal Bath – [Official website] ( The nicest wellness bath of Budapest built at the end of XIX. Century. Great program with friends and family both.

A day of Budapest Architecture

Great Market Hall (

It’s beautiful, visit the sellers, buy Hungarian specialities and learn about the story and background of the place.

Budapest University of Economics – Szabadság híd – Google Térkép

Right besides the Great Market Hall, amazing views

Szabadság híd (Bridge of Freedom) right there

Technical University of Budapest: Budapest University of Technology and Economics – All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (

Citadell of Budapest – the best view to the city (even better by night): Citadella (

While getting there you can see some of the most beautiful residences of families from the last century.

Having a lunch at a restaurant with a view: Home – Búsuló Juhász Étterem (

Alternatively there are very good smaller restaurants also close to Gellért Hotel and Bath (next recommended stop).

Gellért Hotel and bath: Gellért Thermal Bath – [Official website] – Open until 31 August 2022 ( Visiting the bath itself is a half day amazing program. It’s architecture is extraordinary and it was the first wave-bath in Budapest.

Other programs near to our location:

Visegrád Citadel and Castle ~ 6 hours program:


Lunch anywhere in Visegrád, we recommend Renaissance Restaurant:


Esztergom (30km from here): Basil and walking tours, caffe there:

Wellness hotels accessible for external guests: